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The following information was taken from William S. Brophy’s L.C. Smith Shotguns (1977). Additions and corrections to the information are welcomed.

W.H. Baker Company

1877    W.H. Baker and Company started making the Baker Three-Barrel Gun in Lisle, NY.

1879    W.H. Baker forms a partnership with L.H. Smith and L.C. Smith and manufactures              the Baker Three-Barrel Gun in Syracuse, NY.

1880    W.H. Baker and L.H. Smith leave the company and Lyman Cornelius Smith             (1850-1910) takes over the company.

L.C. Smith, Maker of the Baker Gun

1881    An advertisement listed the product as “The Baker Guns, L.C. Smith Maker,              Syracuse, N.Y.”

1884    Began manufacture of L.C. Smith double barrel hammer guns in qualities F ($55),
              E ($70), D ($95), C ($125), B ($150), A ($200), and AA ($300).

1886    L.C. Smith hammerless guns were introduced in Qualities 2 ($80) through 7              ($450).

1888    Manufacture of the Baker Three-Barrel guns ceased. L.C. Smith sold the company               to John Hunter, Sr., Fulton, NY and founded the L.C. Smith and Brothers                             Typewriter Company.

The Hunter Bros.     Hunter Arms Company    

1889    Hunter Arms Company completed a factory in Fulton, NY to build the L.C. Smith              gun.

1892    Automatic ejectors were available. Qualities 1 through 5 and Grades Monogram,              A1, A2, and A3 were offered.

1895    The Pigeon Gun ($125), No.1 Grade ($60), and No. 0 Grade ($42) were added.

1898    The No. 00 Grade was added.

1904    The Hunter One-Trigger was available.

1908    Featherweight guns were offered.

1913    Names, grades, and engraving patterns were changed to Field, Ideal, Trap,              Specialty, Eagle, Crown, Monogram, Premier, and De Luxe.

1917    Ownership of the company changed to a group of Fulton citizens. A One-Barrel               Trap gun and vent rib on the single barrel were introduced.

1920    The Hunter Arms Company was purchased by Gifford K., A.T., and H.K. Simonds of               Fitchburg, MA.

1924    The Long-Range Wild Fowl gun was introduced.

1925    Vent Ribs were introduced as an option on double barrel guns.

1929    The Skeet Grade was offered.

L.C. Smith Gun Company

1945    The company was purchased by Marlin Firearms Company, North Haven, CT. The               L.C. Smith Gun Company was organized as a subsidiary company to continue               production of the L.C. Smith shotgun.

1949    A section of the first floor of the factory in Fulton collapsed causing nearly complete              suspension of manufacturing.

1950    The factory was closed.

Marlin Firearms Company

1969    The Marlin Firearms Company began limited production of 12 gauge Field Grade               shotguns.

1971    Production ceased after production of about 2,351 Field Grade and 188 De Luxe              Grade shotguns.

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