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Volume 6 (2008) Table of Contents

Issue 1 (March)

Don’t Put the L.C. Away by Frank Finch, Jr.
Finch outlines several shooting events that will be held in the next few months that will provide members an opportunity to shoot.  A few recent LCSCA events are discussed.

The Great Leap Forward by Dean Rasmussen
A December, 2007 event at Ivory Beads in Covina, CA brought together a number of members and resulted in ten people joining the LCSCA.

The National Gun Day (aka The Louisville Show) by Frank Finch, Jr.
The February, 2008 LCSCA exhibit “Potpourri of Fine L.C. Smith Guns” at the Louisville Show is discussed.

Not Quite “The Gun of Perfection”:  Glasbed Evangelism Part 2 by Drew Hause and Bill Hambidge
Drs. Hause and Hambidge go through a step-by-step process on how to repair cracks in gun stocks.

A Bit of Oswego County, N.Y. History Reprinted with permission from the www.FultonHistory.com.
This is a brief history, including photographs, of the John Hunter family and the Hunter Arms Company.

More than a Gladiator by James Rawlins
Rawlins describes a Gladiator Field Grade that has been in his family for many years.

Being a Realist in the 21st Century by Walton Starling
Starling discusses part of his background and addresses some of the threads posted on websites.

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Issue 2 (June)

The Passing of a L.C. Smith Legend by Frank Finch, Jr.
The contributions of John O. Houchins (1939-2008) to the LCSCA and to the information available about L.C. Smith shotguns are discussed.

LCSCA Scores Big at the Southern Side-by-Side by Steve Arnett
Arnett outlines the results of the shooting competition at the Southern Side-by-Side.  The article is followed by a poem by John Kuhn Bleimaier, an exchange of letters between Art Wheaton and John Davis of the Parker Gun Collectors Association and Frank Finch, Jr. of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association, and a tow-page collage of photographs from the event.

Hidden Hollow L.C. Smith Display by Skip Dunlap
The LCSCA display at Ernie Hausman’s Hidden Hollow North Eastern Classic Side-by-Side Sporting Clays Shoot (May 16-18, 2008) is described.

L.C. Smith Display Wins NRA 2008 Annual Meeting “Best Educational Exhibit Classic Arms”
A collage of photographs and captions shows the award winning display featuring Albert E. Kraus’ workbench, tools, and products.  The NRA Annual Meeting was held in Louisville, Kentucky May 15-18, 2008.

Hunter Arms Stock Finishing by Drew Hause and Bill Hambidge
Drs. Drew and Bill present information published in a 1970 Handloader Magazine article on how stocks were finished by US gunmakers.  Included are the ingredients in Slacum Oil and Purdey’s London Finishing Oil.

L.C. Smith Wins Top Awards at the Gold Medal Concours d’Elegance of Fine Guns by Shannon Young
Board of Directors member Dean Rasmussen’s L.C. Smith shotguns won several awards at the Western Concours d’Elegance of Fine Guns in San Francisco, California.

Two Old Dogs and a Hunter by James L. Fincannon
Fincannon provides a delightful story about purchasing a Smith and hunting pheasants.

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Issue 3 (September)

Progress by Frank Finch, Jr. 
Finch discusses the growth of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association since it was formed five years ago.  New developments include the change of the Newsletter to the Journal in 2009 and that the LCSCA is offering research letters.  Members are encouraged to participate in the Vintagers events September 25-28 and the 5th Annual Turkey Shoot on November 1.

Collector Has Owned Many Rare Smith, Some Several Times by Cheryl Stubbendieck
Cliff White reveals how he became interested in L.C. Smith shotguns and tells about some of the many Smiths that he has owned

Ohio Gun Collectors Association, July 18-20, 2008 by Len Applegate
Applegate describes some of the L.C. Smith shotguns and memorabilia exhibited by the LCSCA

2008 Board of Directors Election by Tom Archer
Biographies of the three candidates, Len Applegate, Frank Finch, and Jim Stubbendieck, for election to the Board of Directors are provided.

Grade 2 Study, A Call for Help by Andy Anderson
Anderson is studying Grade 2 engraving variations and asking for information about members’ Grade 2 L.C. Smiths.

L.C. Smith Production Records by Jim Stubbendieck
The LCSCA has acquired a set of the L.C. Smith production records from the Marlin Firearms Company and will use the records to provide research letters on individual L.C. Smith shotguns.

Smith Distinction by Drew Hause
Text is reproduced from a 1905 Hunter Arms Company advertising pamphlet entitled The Old Grouse of Willow Hollow

The Vintage Cup by Andy Anderson
Anderson calls for 8 and 10 gauge shotguns for the Vintagers exhibit at Pintail Point of Maryland’s Eastern Shore September 25-28, 2008.

5th Annual Turkey Shoot, November 1, 2008 by Roger Domer
The Turkey Shoot will be held at the Prince Georges Trap and Skeet Center near Glenn Dale, Maryland on November 1.  Advance registration is required.

Southern Mixed Bag Hunting by James L. Fincannon
Fincannon weaves a story of L.C. Smiths, cottontails, squirrels, and quail.

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Issue 4 (December)

Remembering Moments by Frank Finch, Jr. 
Finch discusses the LCSCA events of 2008 and introduces the events scheduled for 2009.  He reflects on the six years of the Newsletter and announces that a new Journal will start to be published in March 2009.

Jason Harrison “Editor-in-Chief” of the LCSCA Journal by Cheryl Stubbendieck
Jason G. Harrison, recently selected to be the editor of the new LCSCA Journal, discusses his interests in collecting L.C. Smith shotguns and reveals his goals for the new Journal.

LCSCA at the Vintagers, Pintail Point, Maryland – September 2008 by Andy Anderson
Anderson describes the event and the LCSCA exhibit featuring ten 8 gauge and several 10 gauge L.C Smith shotguns.

Turkey Fun by Roger Domer
Domer discusses the Fifth Annual LCSCA Turkey Shoot held at the Prince Georges Trap and Skeet Center near Glenn Dale, Maryland on November 1.  Winners of the events are given.  The Sixth Annual Turkey Shoot will be held at the same venue on October 31, 2009.

2008 12th Annual Vintage Cup by Mary Anne Finch
Finch provides photographs and captions covering the Vintage Cup event.

5th Annual L.C. Smith Collectors Association Turkey Shoot by Mary Anne Finch
Finch provides captions and an arrangement of photographs by Kimball Ferguson, et al. covering the 5th Annual LCSCA Turkey Shoot.

 Collecting the L.C. Smith Gun: Variations in Single Barrel Trap Guns by Townsend Breeden
Breeden provides an in-depth description of L.C. Smith Single Barrel Trap (SBT) shotguns and calls for owners to provide information to create a database on surviving SBT shotguns.

Club News
The 2009 Annual Meeting of the LCSCA will be held at 5:00 PM, April 24 at the club house of the Deep River Shooting School near Sanford, NC.  A list of the members of the Board of Directors, complete with addresses and phone numbers, is provided.

How Many Long Range/Wild Fowl Shoguns Were Made?  by Jim Stubbendieck
Stubbendieck conducted a page by page search of the L.C. Smith production records owned by the LCSCA for Long Range and Wild Fowl shotguns.  Information on total production (2,631) by gauge, grade, barrel length, and options is provided.

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2009 Events

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