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Volume 3 (2005) Table of Contents

Issue 1 (March)

Something Old—Something New by Frank Finch, Jr.
Discusses plans for the L. C. Smith Collectors Association participation in events in 2005 and asks annual members to renew their memberships.

Emerson F. Woodward, February 22, 1878 – May 24, 1943: ATA Hall of Fame August 24, 1973 by Robert Woodward
Woodward describes the shooting accomplishments of his grandfather (Emerson F.) and father (Harley E.). Includes are photographs of his grandfather’s L.C. Smith Premier and Deluxe shotguns.

L.C. Smith, Maker, Syracuse, New York – Part V: The New L.C. Smith Gun by John N. Davis
Featured is a reprinting of articles that appeared in 1884 and 1885 issues of The American Field which discussed the upcoming release of the new L.C. Smith shotgun, show the first advertisement, and provide reactions to the new gun.

L.C. Smith vs. Parker Challenge by Tom Archer
Outlines the rules for the April 23, 2005 competition at the Southern Side by Side Championship in Sanford, North Carolina.

Spring Events by Len Applegate
Provides a table showing the events in which the L.C. Smith Collectors Association will participate in 2005, dates of the events, and locations of the events.

2005 L.C.S.C.A. Directors by Len Applegate
List the 2005 Directors of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association and their assignments.

Annual Spring Shoot by Charlie Brooks
Outlines details of the Third Annual L.C. Smith Collectors Association Spring Shoot that will be held following the Maryland Arms Collectors Show on March 21, 2005.

Thanksgiving 2004 by Bill Jones
Jones discusses his family history and describes a 2004 Thanksgiving hunt with family and a featherweight 12 gauge field grade L. C. Smith.

Research Question by Russell G. Grennell
Question is posed about a 12 gauge Type I hammergun.

South Dakota Hunt by Steve Gilbert
Briefly describes hunting with a 3E.

Member’s Guns by Dick MacGregor
MacGregor writes about his O grade.

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Issue 2 (June)

When is Losing, Winning? by Frank Finch, Jr.
Discusses the positive results of the 2005 L.C. Smith vs. Parker Challenge and announces the L.C. Smith winners at the IX Gold Medal Concours conducted in conjunction with the Vintagers’ National Side by Side event at the Northbrook Sports Club in Hainesville, IL.

L.C. Smith, Maker, Syracuse, New York – Part VI, McDuff by John N. Davis
Featured are excerpts from articles that appeared in 1886 issues of The American Field that describe the shooting and L.C. Smith sales activities of Harvey McMurchy in Dallas and San Diego.

Shootin’ Southern Style, L.C. Smith – Parker Challenge by Larry Moore
Moore describes the events at the Sixth Annual Southern Side by Side held at the Deep River Shooting grounds near Sanford, NC.

Smith’s Gallant Gray Line by John Kuhn Bleimaier
Bleimaier’s poem addresses the L.C. Smith vs. Parker Challenge.

My First Time by Dave Williams
Williams describes the acquisition and shooting of his first L.C. Smith shotgun, discusses his years of collecting, and ponders the future.

National Gun Day by Len Applegate
Includes a description of the activities of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association at the National Gun Day Show in Louisville in February, 2005.

Summer and Fall Events by Len Applegate
Applegate lists the future events, dates, and locations in which the L.C. Collectors Association will be participating.

Lest We Forget by Chris Dunlap
An e-mail from SSG Chris Dunlap, serving with the US Army in Iraq, to Director Tom Archer.

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Issue 3 (September)

Thoughts for September by Frank Finch, Jr.
Discusses three future L.C. Smith Collectors Association events and shares excerpts for a “thank you” note received from Art Wheaton, Chairman of the Parker Association discussing the Challenge Cup.

L.C. Smith, Maker Syracuse, New York – Part VII: The Torch Passes
by John N. Davis
Featured is the transition of the manufactured from L.C. Smith to John Hunter. Included are an article in The American Field about the transition and later letters from Lyman Smith and H McMurchy. One letter from Smith reports the death of W. H. Baker.

From “Down Under” on the Hunter One Trigger by Russell Schulz
Australian Schulz discusses the Hunter One-Trigger patented by Allen Lard in 1903 and an improved trigger patented in 1915.

Syracuse Guns: Data Base Summary by Russ Ruppel and Daryl Halquist
Ruppel and Halquist are collecting data on L.C. Smith, Maker, Syracuse, NY hammer and hammerless guns and Baker guns. Here, they provide information collected on the Syracuse guns.

National Side-by-Side in Review by Frank Finch, Jr.
Executive Director Frank Finch describes the L.C. Smith Collectors Association participation in the Second National Side-by-Side, held May 13-15, 2005 at the Northbrook Sports Club in Hainesville, IL. Tod Dawson and his collection of L.C. Smith shotguns are featured.

Ohio Gun Collectors July Show by Len Applegate
Applegate discusses the reasons that the L.C. Smith Collectors Association exhibits at shows in general and describes the participation in the Ohio Gun Collectors Show.

Moore Outdoors – OGCA July Show by Larry Moore
Presents events occurring in association with the Ohio Gun Collectors Association Show and tells about Len Applegate’s radio appearance talking about L.C. Smith shotguns.

Carolina Double Gun Classic by Tom Archer
Outlines the events associated with the first ever Carolina Double Gun Classic scheduled to be held at the Harris Springs Sportsman Preserve in Cross Hill, South Carolina November 11-13, 2005.

A Special Classified Page by Gary Clarabut
Lists 20 L.C. Smith shotguns and collectibles for sale.

2005 Election by Tom Archer
Archer discusses the structure of the Board of Directors of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association and provides background information on the slate of candidates up for election.

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Issue 4 (December)

The Celebration of Togetherness by Frank Finch, Jr.
Executive Director Frank Finch tells how Dreu Bowman helped him at the 2003 sporting clays shoot in 2003 and reflects on the recent activities of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association.

A Tribute to Close Friend and Fellow Life Member Dreu Bowman by Rev. Charlie Brooks
Brooks tells of the tragic loss of Dreu Bowman, his activities in the L.C. Smith Collectors Association, and depth of his friendship.

Rest in Peace Dreu Bowman A poem by John Kuhn Bleimaier

8 Gauge Smith Survey by Jim Stahl
Stahl is canvassing the membership to collect data on 8 gauge L.C. Smith shotguns.

The LCSCA at the Vintage Cup by Andy Anderson
Discusses variations in the engraving of the 16 Quality 2/Grade 2/Specialty guns contained in the exhibit at the Vintage Cup held September 22-25, 2005 at Orvis Sandanona near Millbrook, New York

The Second Annual Turkey Shoot by Bob Trefry and Bill Winter
Bob and Bill relate the occurrences at the shoot held October 29, 2005 at the Prince George’s Trap and Skeet Center near Glenn Dale, Maryland and name the winners of the events.

The Carolina Classic by Len Applegate and Frank Finch, Jr.
The Carolina Double Gun Classic was held November 11-13, 2005 at the Harris Springs Sportsman’s Preserve near Cross Hill, South Carolina. Two highlights of the Classic were Cliff White’s exhibit of L.C. Smith guns and memorabilia and the winning performance of L.C. Smith Team A over the Parker team at 5 stand.

2005 Election Results by Len Applegate Outlines the results of the 2005 election for Board of Directors. The addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of each Board member are provided. Names of the individuals holding positions of responsibility are listed.

2006 Events & Announcement of Annual Meeting by Len Applegate and Tom Martin.
Names, dates, and locations of eight 2006 events and the annual meeting approved by the Board of Directors are listed.

Components of the Spring Shoot by Charlie Brooks
Brooks describes the components of the spring L.C. Smith shoot to be held on March 21, 2006 following the Baltimore Gun Show.

Membership Dues for 2006 by Len Applegate
Points out that 2006 dues must be paid by February.

John Houchin’s New Book is in the Works by John Houchins
Houchins requests help from the membership in locating L.C. Smith Syracuse bar action hammer guns (Type I in Brophy) in qualities B and C to be photographed for his new book.

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