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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
   by Dr. Drew Hause


What recoil pad was standard on my L.C. Smith shotgun?

For pre-1913 Smiths, the Silvers style recoil pad would be the most 'period appropriate.'  S.W. Silvers was founded in London in 1861 and introduced The Anti-Recoil Heel Plate-The Silver's Safety Pad in the 1870s. Their solid red rubber pad was not offered on Smith guns until 1905. Other pads of that era included the Funkes, American Silver pad (sometimes called Grieb), and the Jostam Hy-Gun.  The Galazan Silvers-style is quite firm (but looks great.) The Silvers-style comes in 1 inch and 1 ½ inches thick if you need more LOP. The Hawkins Model 25 Recoil Pad by the Cushion Pad Co. was first offered about 1920. Other after-market pads of the 20s and 30s include the Jostam Sponge Rubber and the NoShoc. 

In 1941, the most commonly seen Jostam pad, the Anti-Flinch, was listed at $3.25. Their solid Air Cushion Recoil Pad listed at $3.00; the Hy-Gun at $2.75; and the Jostam No-Kick Recoil Pad at $1.75. Other pads offered in 1941 were the Hawkins with the heart-shaped vents for $3.25; the White Line by Fray-Mershon Inc. in regular or Skeet style for $2.50; the Noshoc for $1.50; and the Ithaca "Bridge Trestle" pad for $2.25. Pachmayr purchased the Mershon White Line in the 1960s. The modern Pachmayr Old English D752 doesn't look quite as 'period appropriate' but definitely absorbs recoil and comes as thin as 0.6 inch. 


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