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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
   by Dr. Drew Hause


How do I post a photograph on the L.C. Smith Forum?

Photobucket is free and easy to use, but you must become a member and then log in with a password each time that you use it. Just follow the down load instructions. I usually put the photographs on the desktop and transfer them, but you could place them in an album before transferring them. When you down load to Photobucket, you can put the photographs in the message box by having Photobucket open this site. Click on the HTLM Tag in Photobucket. It will say copied in a yellow box. Go to this message box and on a new line, put your cursor there and right click paste. You will get a bunch of gibberish stating what is being posted. Before you hit Post, click on Preview and see if the photograph is there. Do the same thing if you want to add another photograph, but make sure your cursor is on a new line.

Another possibility is to use PictureTrail . You must register to become a member. Then, you log in with a password. First, post your photographs in an album then click on 'Image URL's.' Next, click on 'IMG SRC for auctions' followed by Ctrl-C. Next, go to the Forum thread (posting) and click Ctrl-V within the 'Message box--not 'Optional Image URL' box--and type your message. Finally, check 'Preview' to be sure it worked.

Hints on taking photographs:
Good barrel, receiver, and wood photographs are difficult to take. The closer you can get, the better. The best backgrounds are solid (not patterned) light grey or light blue. It's hard not to get a flash reflection when the photograph is taken inside, so photos are best when taken with filtered sun (just slightly overcast) outside. Orient the barrels left to right (horizontal) rather than on diagonal (hard to crop) and NOT looking from breech end toward muzzle. Center that part of the gun you wish to demonstrate. Several close up shots are much better than showing the entire gun. While some people use white chalk to make barrel markings stand out, Tom Salzer suggests using a white China Marker (also called a grease pencil or chinagraph pencil) to make Barrel Markings show up clearly in photographs.

Check the PictureTrails for a lot of good examples.

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