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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
   by Dr. Drew Hause


Where can I get parts for my L.C. Smith shotgun?

We assembled a short list of sources for L.C. Smith parts, and we are willing to add to the list. Please email js@lcsmith.org with additions to the list.

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation
226 Williams Lane
West Hurley, NY 12491
(866) 686-7424 or (845) 679-2417

Jack First Gunshop
1201 Turbine Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57703
(605) 343-9544

Poppert's Gunsmithing
P.O. Box 413
Glenside, PA 19038
(215) 887-2391

Louis Rotelli
(203) 788-4920
New Milford, CT
(Parts fabrication)

Traders Den
1655 Olson Drive
Cook, MN 55723
(218) 666-5083

Donald Wilson
Millersville, MD
(410) 647-8571


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