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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
   by Dr. Drew Hause


How can I determine if my L.C. Smith shotgun has automatic ejectors?

The easiest way is to open the gun and look at the part that lifts the shells from the chamber. If it is divided into two halves, it has automatic ejectors. If it is a single piece, it is an extractor gun.


The “shell lifter” on ejector guns is divided into two halves.

(click image for larger view)


The “shell lifter” on extractor (non-ejector) guns is a single piece.

(click image for larger view)

A second way to differentiate the two is to look at the side of the forearm iron to see if it has a small pin. If it does, it is an ejector gun.


The small pin indicates that it is an ejector gun. An extractor gun without a pin is below.

(click image for larger view)

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Updated 02/18/2015