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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
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Did the Hunter Arms Company make guns for Sears, Roebuck and Company?

When the Meriden Fire Arms Co., maker of the A.J. Aubrey and other trade name shotguns for Sears, Roebuck and Co. (please see picture trail) sold their manufacturing facility to New England Westinghouse in 1916, Sears contracted with Hunter Arms for Fulton shotguns under the Gladiator name, first offered in 1917.

The Fall 1918 Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog listed the Gladiator Field (Fulton), Gladiator Tournament (Engraved Fulton), Gladiator Diamond (Engraved Fulton), Gladiator Field Hammer (Smith), and Gladiator Ideal Hammer (Smith). The L.C. Smith Hammerless Field was offered intermittantly 1917-1920.

Sears sold many "Ranger" marked shotguns and rifles between about 1926 and 1950, including the Model 101.3 Fulton Special and the Model 103.7, a Marlin Model 90 Over Under offered in 1936. Hunter Arms made 101.3 Rangers were usually marked "Precision" or "Precision Grade" and had twin beads, a capped pistol grip, and a Ranger-marked recoil pad. Hunter Arms also made about 9,000 bolt action shotguns for Sears in .410 (Ranger 104.5) and 20g (Ranger 104.7) in the 1940s.

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1918 Sears, Roebuck
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