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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
   by Dr. Drew Hause

What happened to W.H. Baker?

The Baker evolution is complicated and started with the W.H. Baker Company in Lisle, NY (1875-1877), then the W.H. Baker & Co. in Syracuse, which was financed by L.C. Smith and his brother Leroy (1877-1880). Baker and Leroy Smith went to Ithaca, N.Y. and established the Ithaca Gun Company in 1883.

Baker left Ithaca early 1887 and returned to Syracuse to work with his brother Dr. Ellis Baker at the Syracuse Forging Co., which soon became the Syracuse Forging & Gun Co. They manufactured a hammer gun which was called the "New Baker." When the factory in Syracuse burned, they moved to Batavia and became the Baker Gun & Forging Co. in 1889. At the time of the move W.H. Baker was ill with TB and/or silicosis and they brought in Frank A. Hollenbeck as plant superintendent 1890-1892. W.H. died Sept. 10, 1889. Frank Hollenbeck had three patents granted while he was in Batavia, and two were assigned to the Baker Gun & Forging. Four different guns owed part of their designs to Frank A. Hollenbeck – Baker, Syracuse Arms Co., Baltimore Arms Co. and the Hollenbeck Gun Co. Frank had earlier worked with Baker in Lisle, NY, and later with Baker and L.C. Smith in Syracuse.


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"The Baker Gunner" 1909 reprint is available from Cornell Publications.

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