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18th Annual Vintage Cup (September 25-28, 2014)

The 18th Annual Vintage Cup-World Side by Side Championships and Exhibition was held at The Dover Furnace, Dover, New York. The L.C. Smith Collectors Association displayed various high condition Ideal grade and 2 barreled sets of Smith guns.

The Dover Furnace provided an excellent shooting venue. After shooting there was a Ladies Afternoon Tea as well as a Grand Formal Banquet for feasting in vintage style.

Our own L.C. Smith members were winners at the 18th Annual Vintage Cup. Congratulations!

Mike Koneski was awarded Main Event Senior 3rd Place, Black Powder Champion, 5-Stand Champion, and 10 Bore Hammerless Champion. Dave deFernelmont, Jr. was Main Event Senior 2nd Place, 28 Bore Hammerless Champion, and the American Classics Runner-up. Dave deFernelmont, Sr. won Main Event Veteran 2nd Place. Our LCSCA Executive Director, Frank J. Finch, Jr. won the Bertie Award for Best Dressed Gentleman.

4th Annual Hunter Homecoming (August 2014 )

12th Great Northeast Side by Side Classic (June 6-8, 2014)

Over the weekend 1000 attendees experienced beautiful weather for the 12th Annual Great Northeast Side X Side Classic held at Hausmann's Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays in Friendsville, PA. Many LCSCA members were among the dedicated 300 shooters, who gathered to shoot the variety of venues offered over the three day period. The challenging sporting clays course is situated in the woods and hills around the club house and provides Grouse like hunting conditions. The Smith Team fielded 22 shooters in the main event shooting for TEAM Smith, the most shooters we have had in this event. All Smith shooters were included in a raffle for a case of RST shells. Tom Carrier was the winner of the RST shells. The Hausmann's Challenge utilizes the five best scores shot of all shooting a brand of American made gun as the team total. Team Smith members were: Dave deFernelmont, Charlie Brooks, JD Shank, David deFernelmont, Mike Koranda. Dave deFernelmont won the "Top Gun" award for Team Smith. Unfortunately, Team Smith fell short by one bird to Team Parker. Charlie Brooks won several individual Hunters Clays Awards: Top Gun 10 Gauge Hammer Gun, Top Gun 12 Gauge Hammer Gun and Top Gun 16 Gauge Hammer Gun.

Our display presented Smith Wild Fowl Guns, consisting of many grades of 32 inch barrel guns of various grades and gauges and Smith Trap Guns, consisting of many grades and gauges of gun used for shooting live birds, trap and skeet. Theme memorabilia was included in the display. The 2014 LC Smith vs Parker Challenge Cup with a framed picture of the winning Smith Team was centrally located for all visitors to admire.

Southern Side By Side and Challenge Cup (April 25-27, 2014)

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association had a strong presence at the Southern Side by Side at the Deep River Sporting Clays and Shooting School near Sanford, NC. John Liles coordinated and exhibit of outstanding L.C. Smith shotguns including all four variations of the A-2. A highlight of the Annual Meeting was the introduction of Bill Ruth, Greeley, CO, as the new webmaster.

On Saturday, April 26, 2014 Team L.C. Smith won the 11th annual L.C. Smith vs. Parker Challenge Event; and the coveted Challenge Cup at the Southern Side x Side near Sanford, NC.  Competition was fierce with Team L.C. Smith winning by a narrow four target margin of 245 to 241 in a very hotly contested event; eventually settled on the final station.  Both teams fielded a strong contingent of shooters, but Team L.C. Smith was outstanding winning Top Gun individual awards in the Challenge Event, the Lady Challenge; and the Youth Challenge, as well as capturing 2nd and 3rd place individual trophies in the Event.  Team L.C. Smith continued their stellar performances the following day by Winning the Hammer Gun Challenge; and taking Top Gun individual honors in that Event also.  For additional detailed information about these events; as well as event photos; be sure to check the events related links on this website, as well as the LCSCA Journal.

Sporting Challenge at Old Catawba
by John Kuhn Bleimaier

WHENEVER I travel in springtime along the Old Catawba track
I go by Deep River Sporting Clays whence the powder smoke billows black.
I suppose I've passed by a dozen times, but I always stop for a minute
And look at the field, the glorious field, where the challenge cup, we did win it.

The rivalry of LC Smith and Parker Brothers is a legend if you ken such things;
It goes back to the spirits of long gone craftsmen, their skill and careful doings.
Now, I’m a Smith shooter like my father before me and I love those guns, I do;
But I also appreciate the Parker boxlock and will confess that I own one or two.

The devotees of American side-by-sides shoot cartridges of paper and of brass,
And the shells they use have an aroma so sweet as they molder in the grass.
Of twist, of laminated and of Damascus steel; leaving bureaucrats fit to be tied;
Are the sturdy barrels made with patterns fine and gleaming bores inside.

On the day of the shoot the Smith men and Parker boys’ trap fees were all paid
And two teams of picked marksmen on the green glade were proudly arrayed.
There was a sense of drama and romance just the way it used to be
A saucy pluck and swagger, like the good old days in this land of the free.

When the smoke had cleared away it looked like victory was at Smith’s door,
But then the official declared a tie and we knew not what was in store.
By our count we had been ahead by four birds not just by one alone
The Parker captain called for a shoot off, a thing never before known.

But at our side there stood an old counsellor, the veteran of much strife
Who said, “Whoa, I’ll get an injunction. Smith won. I’d stake my life.”
Then the official did a recount, found his error and laid the laurels at our feet,
Victory to Smith but Parker lads are as good sports as you could hope to meet.

So whenever I travel in springtime along the Old Catawba track
I would never go by the sporting field without stopping and looking back,
The competition, the camaraderie, the drama and joy set this place apart,
The recollection leaves a sense of nostalgia and a warm, throbbing heart.

April 26, 2014

LCSCA Spring Dinner & Shoot (March 16-17, 2014)

Although the forecast was for "BAD" weather on Monday March 17th, over 58 of the 75 to 80 of our signed up shooters attended the 12th Annual Spring Shoot held at the Carlisle Fish and Game, 1421 W. Trindle Road, P.O. Box 157, Carlisle, PA on March 17th. The Monday shoot was the second day of an two day event filled venue of shooting, eating and fellowship orchestrated by Rev. Charlie Brooks.

The weekend began with over 55 rounds of Wobble Trap and Skeet being shot at Carlisle F&G on Sunday afternoon followed by fellowship and dinner of over 30 attendees at T.J. Rockwell's. 

Monday's weather was cold but the predicted 4 to 5 inches of snow remained south of Carlisle allowing the shooters to enjoy many rounds of sporting clays, skeet and wobble trap.  Following the shooting events, everyone enjoyed the lunch catered by Grandpa's Country Butcher Shop. The club gives a special thanks to RST and Morris Baker for donating five flats of shells which were raffled off in a donation to the club. Smith aficionados enjoyed visiting the display and sales tables littered with various grades of Smith guns. Pastor Charlie Brooks reports that plans are being made to have the 13th Annual Spring Shoot at the same location next year.

Perhaps Fred Verry said it best on the Forum:

"Thanks Charlie, Jent and all the trappers and others at CFGA for their efforts that made this another great LCSCA Spring Shoot. The evolution of this gathering into two days of shooting and the meeting/dinner really upgrades the value of this event".

Pheasant Fest (February 14-16, 2014)

The 2014 National Pheasant Fest was held at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI, February 14 thru 16, 2014. Our club display of 12 Smith guns ranged from early Baker hammer guns made by L.C. Smith to more modern hammerless guns made by Hunter Arms in the mid 1900s. The majority of the guns and memorabilia were provided by BOD member Bruce Bonney from Missouri. The booth was created by Bruce and Frank, who manned the booth with the assistance of Mike Nodi and Jeff King of Chicago, IL. The event opened with a "Bird Dog Parade", had over 500 booths and was attended by over 21,000 persons. Our club display and Frank's commentary was broadcast live on Fox News on Saturday morning. LCSCA received great publicity from this event and signed up many new members.

Pheasants Forever use the proceeds from the event to further wildlife habitat conservation and youth programs throughout the country.

Shoot at Triple B Clays (February 12, 2014)

The LCSCA West Coast Shoot attended by a dozen shooters was held at Triple "B" Shooting Center in South El Monte, Ca on February 12, 2014. The shooters were divided into Team "Smith" managed by Frank Finch and Team "Elsie" managed by Dean Rasmussen. Shooting some challenging sporting clay targets, Team Smith won over Team Elsie by 25 targets. The fun shoot was followed by a pleasant lunch at Del Rao, a local restaurant, where all the difficult shots were made all over again! All are welcomed to attend next year's west coast shoot.

St. Hubertus Display and Luncheon (February 11, 2014)

The Southern California Priory of The International Order of St. Hubertus held their annual Sporting Arms & Art Luncheon on Tuesday, February 11th at the California Club, Los Angeles, California, following the end of the Safari Club International Convention.

Our club display at this prestigious event featured thirteen Specialty Grade Smith guns of various configurations and grades from .410 to 10 gauge. A fact sheet was provided that indicated a "fully loaded" Specialty grade in any gauge that sold for approximately $150 in the 1930s is currently worth from $3000 to $30/35000. The higher values are for the .410 Specialty. Our club exhibit continues to be one of the highlights of the occasion. Period memorabilia and Smith guns were provided by Dean Rasmussen, who with Frank Finch designed and manned the display.

The luncheon attended by 100, consisted of a delicious gourmet assortment wild game and California wines.

East Coast Fire Arms Show (January 5-6, 2014)

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association participated in the East Coast Fire Arms Show at Matamoras, Pennsylvania On January 4 & 5, 2014.  The theme of the LCSCA display was L.C. Smith shotguns for waterfowl and upland bird hunting.  Gauges of side by sides were from .410 to a 10 gauge Quality 2 – along with the noted 12 gauge Long Range.  L.C. Smith 2014 calendars were distributed.  L.C. Smith pins and Jim Stubbendieck’s recent publication of L.C. Smith Production Records  were sold.  The display promoted great interest and was instrumental in the enrolling of new members in our collectors group.

Tom Damiani

Annual Post Christmas Shoot (December 27, 2013)

On Friday December 27, 2013 approximately 35 LC Smith aficionados again this year continued the tradition to shoot an informal round at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Coplay, Pennsylvania. The course was set up to support three levels of shooting expertise. Shooters formed squads to shoot the course of their comfort level. There were no trophies and every lady or gent who shot a fleet smoothbore crafted in old Fulton, New York was a winner, indeed. We gathered circa 9 AM, squaded up with old and new friends and continued to live the legend. Following shooting, approximately 30 attendees retired to the nearby Ballietsville Inn for a convivial repast. In the last week in December 2014, hold a day in your calendar for next year's event. It will be a delightful way to cap off your 2014 Christmas celebration. Join us, be all you can be!

'Twas the Friday after Christmas
by John Kuhn Bleimaier (Columbia 1971)
with apologies to Clement Clark Moore (Columbia 1798)

  'Twas the Friday after Christmas, and all through my house
Not a computer was whirring, there stirred not a mouse;
I pulled on my winter stockings with consummate care,
The new Cabela ones that Santa had procured for me there;
Everyone at my place was still nestled all snug and in bed;
But visions of clay targets danced in my head;
All our LC Smith buddies, and I in my cap,
Were at our respective homes awakening from a long winter's nap,  

Out on my driveway there arose quite a clatter,
As I filled up the car with smoothbore, shells and other shooting matter.
Away to Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays I flew like a flash,
I tore down Route 78 so fast that I nearly had a crash.
At Coplay, PA to my wondering eyes did appear,
A gallant company of shooters, every one of good cheer,
At the head of the bunch, so lively and quick,
There was Frank Finch, as jolly as St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles our colleagues they came,
And Frank whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
"Now, John! now, Carl! now sweetie, you beautiful vixen!
On, Jent! on, Charlie! on, JD and what are you fixen?
To the top of the order! Shoot the clay pigeons by the wall!
Now fire away! fire away! fire away all!"
As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
Those clay targets were launched swift through the sky;
So up to the housetop the targets they flew
And after them number eight shoot loads were aimed well and true—  

After we completed a full hundred shot round,
Down the road we headed to where fine food does abound.
The eats were real good, I just filled up my belly
The company was so jolly, I shook when I laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.
With a wink of her eye and a twist of her head
The waitress soon gave us to know that everyone had been fed;
Our president said a word, he went straight to his work,
And read out next year’s schedule, this man is no jerk,
All good things must come to an end as everyone knows,
And at long last from our banquet table we all rose;
We sprang to our cars, having each one wet his whistle,
And away we all flew like the down of a thistle.
I heard someone exclaim as we drove out of sight—
“Happy Christmas to all, and until our next outing… shoot right!”

10th Annual Turkey Shoot (November 16, 2013)

The 10th Annual L.C. Smith Collectors Association Turkey shoot was held on November 16, 2013 at the M&M Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays (http://www.mmhunting.com/) in Pennsville, NJ.  Forty-eight shooters (including 6 women) participated in the shooting events and enjoyed the lunch and camaraderie.  High over-all L.C. Smith shooter was Chuck Brady.  Chuck was the L.C. Smith Main High Gun, and Anne Mauro was the L.C. Smith Main High Lady.  Full results will be published in the fall issue of the L.C. Smith Journal.  The National Wild Turkey Federation (http://www.nwtf.org/) provided items for the silent auction.  Anne Mauro was the organizer of the event.  The LCSCA 11th Annual Turkey Shoot is already booked for November 15, 2014 at M&M Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays.

17th Vintage Cup (September 26-29, 2013)

For the first time in many years, our club participated in the Vintage Cup under beautiful sunny skies. The 17th Annual Vintage Cup was held at Addieville Farms East in Mapleville, RI September 26 - 29, 2013. Unfortunately, the attendance was down from previous years. Possibly the competition in double gun events has taken a toll in VC attendance. LCSCA had approximately 15 members stop at our club display of a "Special" matched pair of Ideal Grade 16 gauge Smiths made for Robert Lamm that were engraved by Al Kause in 1943 with dogs and pheasants and have not been fired. Accompanying the pair were Smiths 20 gauge guns from Field to Crown Grade. Many attending non members stopped to view the display and ask questions. The shooting events were challenging and the Saturday night banquet delicious!

3rd Annual Hunter Homecoming (August 23-25, 2013)

The 3rd Hunter Homecoming Event included a judged display at the Pratt Museum, a club shoot consisting of Trap, Skeet and Five Stand venues at the Pathfinders R & G and an awards banquet at the Lock Restaurant. Friends of History in Fulton President, Paula Rohn and Les Weldin co-chaired the event, Les and Rich Beyer organized the shooting venue at Pathfinder R & G. Special thanks to Les, Rich and members of Pathfinders for their hospitality and the use of their club.

Twenty shooters enjoyed the beautiful Saturday weather and venue. Again this year, JD Shank was high shooter in all three venues and won the "High Overall Award". Other awards were presented to 2nd and 3rd place shooters in each venue. Rich Beyer was awarded the "The Hunter Family Award" for his display of beautiful .410s and original Al Kruse oil paintings. Tom Salzer was awarded  the "Best Gun Award" with his display of one of the only two 16 gauge Smith Deluxe guns made. The "Peoples Choice Award" went to Les Weldin. The "Mayor's Award" went to Andy Anderson for his display of multiple gauges of Grade 2 Smith guns.

A group of approximately 40 quests of LCSCA, Friends of History, Fulton officials and special quests enjoyed the good food and camaraderie at the banquet.  Special quests included family members of the Hunter family Jim Hunter, his wife and son and BJ Wadsworth Rogers. Everyone attending the event had an enjoyable time and are looking forward to next years event.

2013 World Vintage (June 30, 2013)

The L.C. Smith vs. Connecticut Shotgun Challenge was held Sunday June 30 concurrently with the Ohio Vintage Skeet Championships. The event was arranged by Roger Domer and Larry Moore and held at the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Club. While shooters dodged rain showers and thunderstorms all weekend, Sunday was clear for the L.C. Smith Shooters. When the targets were broken or fallen on the call of lost, the Connecticut Shotgun Team emerged as winners with a score of 385 to L.C. Smith 356. Nine valiant shooters represented LC Smith while the CSM team consisted of only two shooters. This resulted in some last minute adjustments since the best five shooters across skeet, trap and sporting clays were to be scored. The two best Elsie scores were taken in each event against the two shooters representing CSM. The two CSM shooters are highly experienced with one being a former All-American Skeet shooter. So, while Team Elsie wasn't outnumbered, we ended up outgunned on the day. A good club with challenging targets especially on the 5-stand clays course and some fine food for lunch was enjoyed by all. Thanks to all the L.C. Smith shooters who supported the event and gave honor to our name!

Larry Moore

11th Great Northeast Side X Side Classic (May 31 - June 2, 2013)

The 11th Annual Great Northeast Side X Side Classic was held at Hausmann's Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays in Friendsville, PA under unusually HOT summer conditions (90 + degrees). Many LCSCA members were among the dedicated shooters, who gathered to shoot the variety of venues offered over the three day period. The challenging sporting clays course is situated in the woods and hills around the club house and provides Grouse like hunting conditions. Although the Smith Team shoot very well, the Fox Team with a spectacular effort by Mike Koneski (73/80) won the 2013 First Place Team Title. LCSCA members won several individual awards, such as, JD Shank - 10 Ga. Hammerless, David DeFernelmont - 12 Ga & .410 Hammerless and Charlie Brooks - 16 Ga. Hammer event.

The club display highlighted high grade "father - son" presentations of Smith guns, consisting of A2s, Monograms, Crowns, Pigeons and Specialties and trophies. Displayed trophies included the LC Smith vs. Parker Challenge Cup (won by Team Smith in April 2013), High Overall Award (won by Charlie Brooks in November 2012), First place ATA Award (won by Frank Limpert 1941) and 1st Place Hunter Arms Trophy (won in 1904).

Many visitors enjoyed viewing the display and shared their Smith gun hunting and shooting experiences. Look for a complete report and photos in the next Journal of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association.

Southern Side by Side (April 26-28, 2013)

Team L.C. Smith won the Challenge Cup at the 2013 Southern Side x Side by scoring 233 hits while shooters from the Parker Gun Collectors scored 230 hits.  The annual meeting and L.C. Smith vs. Parker Challenge Event was held at the Deep River Shooting School in conjunction with the Southern Side x Side.  More information about this event will be posted as it becomes available.

Conspicuous Gallantry
by John Kuhn Bleimaier


A scholar opined that the last war fought by honorable men
Took place on our hallowed turf seven score years way back when
There met on the field of glory the legions of blue and of gray
Whose chivalry and gallantry still inspire us to this day.

Now, in the world of smoothbore shotguns barreled side-by-side
Respect for tradition and the lessons of history do ever abide.
Once a year at Deep River aficionados of LC Smith and the Brothers Parker
Settle up a rivalry old as the Carolina hills and perhaps even starker.

On the firing line see the glint of Damascus steel, whiff the swirling black smoke;
A team is victorious based on how many clay targets they well and truly broke.
The competition is white-knuckle keen and ever so intense
Bragging rights are more dear than aught measured in dollars and cents.

Yet this year as I stood at my Smith hammergun station, I spied
A most touching act whose nobility of character can scarce be denied
When a Parker shooter experienced a critical mechanical malfunction
A Smith contender lent him his own piece with a grace akin to mystic unction

Our gallant fraternity has learned the worthy tuition of yore
In the final analysis what could possibly count for more?
The honorable answer is ever the same…
It’s not up or down but how you fight the good fight, or play the game.

And whoopee do,
We whooped  ‘em too!

April 28, 2013

LCSCA Spring Dinner & Shoot (March 17-18, 2013)

The Sunday evening before the Spring Shoot, 30 attendees gathered at T.J. Rockwells for fellowship and dinner. Pastor Charlie's theme for the evening was "Shooters Supporting Shoots". The "Point Person" for each local side by side shoot was asked to describe the shoot and encourage attendance.

In difference to the all day forecast of freezing rain and snow, approximately 80 L.C. Smith aficionados attended the 11th Annual Spring Shoot held at the Carlisle Fish and Game, 1421 W. Trindle Road, P.O. Box 157, Carlisle, PA on March 18th. The weather was cold but the snow held off until the shooting was completed in mid afternoon. 70 shooters enjoyed shooting a combined 179 rounds of sporting clays, skeet, wobble trap, and five stand. Following the shooting events, everyone enjoyed the lunch catered by Grandpa's Country Butcher Shop. The club gives a special thanks to RST and Morris Baker for donating six flats of shells which were raffled off in a donation to the club. Pastor Charlie Brooks reports that plans are being made to have the 12th Annual Spring Shoot at the same location next year.

30th Annual Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic
(February 15-17, 2013)

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association participated in the 30th Annual Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic at the Minneapolis Convention Center (February 15-17, 2013).  Frank Finch and Jim Stubbendieck assembled an exhibit of L.C. Smith Shotguns ranging from a Field Grade to a De Luxe Grade and from a .410 to an 8 gauge.  They were joined by member Mike Nodi.  Attendance was nearly 29,000, and the L.C. Smith exhibit was a popular display.  The three LCSCA members were kept busy answering questions.

Frank Finch and Bruce Day (Parker Gun Collectors Association) presented three one-hour seminars on Collecting and Shooting Classic American Double Guns.  We reached a new audience of enthusiastic hunters and shooters.  The LCSCA's first participation in a Pheasant Fest is considered to have been an outstanding success.  Milwaukee will host the 2014 Pheasant Fest.

St. Hubertus Luncheon and L.C. Smith Display
(January 29-30, 2013)

LCSCA members attended the St. Hubertus luncheon at the California Club in Los Angeles on January 29th. Our club presented a display of 14 Crown and Grade 5 Smith guns that spanned gauges .410 to 12 in many desirable configurations. On January 30th, club members and guests gathered at Triple "B" Sporting Range to shoot a round of Sporting Clays. The shooters were divided into Team Smith and Team Elsie. The challenging course provided a win to Team Elsie by 10 targets. Member Doug Curran was "High Overall" shooter. Members participated in various fun hunting and shooting activities during the remainder of the week.